Cuplock Vertical offered comprises quality finished scaffolding parts that come in different diameter choices as well as thickness options like 2.9, 3.2,4.0mm and others. Further, for matching up with the specific usage conditions, these can be offered in surface finish options of hot dip galvanized, painted and others as per industry standards like EN74, BS1139.


Allows for easy assembling/disassembling support.

Standard component support including diagonal, bottom & top cup, ledger blade.

Different surface finishes like hot dip galvanized, painted and others.

Choice of different colors like blue paint, yellow paint and others.

Different thickness options .like 2.75, 3.25 mm.

Finding application in areas like tunnel, shipbuilding, railway, civil building and others.

Available Sizes 0.5 Meter 1 Meter 1.5 Meter 2 Meter 2.5 Meter 3 Meter