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Scaffolding installation and removal

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Select and prepare the ground area. Place suitable sills and make sure there are no holes under the sills. Select the equipment you need and place it near the work area. Put the adjustable levelling jack plates on the sills in the location that matches your scaffold dimensions.

Adjust the nuts of the leveling jack, starting at the highest point of the ground level. The nuts at the highest ground level should be set to 3-6 in. from the top of the sill, depending on the slope. Place the first frame onto the base at the highest point.

The first place to begin your scaffold removal is to locate the top frame section and remove the piping before removing the platform planking. You will need to stand on the planking while disassembling the frame. Pay special attention to safety concerns and work with another to help act as a “spotter” or supporter. If possible, place a ladder against the building the scaffold structure stands next to in order to reach the frame areas that are not accessible from ground levels

Using a rope attached to specific scaffold items to lower these to the ground is a good choice opposed to tossing them to the floor. Also, if using several personnel to lower scaffolding items in a “fire brigade bucket-like” assembly line, make sure each person involved has the proper strength and maintains the proper balance to pass items to the next level in a safe manner. Again, all personnel should wear protective gear, including gloves, when handling disassembled scaffold items.

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